Business Development

We offer over 100 business development services a-la-carte to grow your business operations, experience, loyalty, funnels, and processes. It begins with an audit and we build a roadmap month-to-month to maximize results for the current stage of your business on what's feasible currently to manifest your vision.

Campaign Management

We craft your Mavenaire campaign to build out your business based on your vision. Our advisors will give short reports twice a week along with an overall monthly report for us to retrospect. Time is limited, and we want you to be aware.


Mavenaire will serve as your personal trusted advisor. You'll have daily communication from our team that's managing your account.


We have strategic partnerships with world-class agencies that we will bring to support your business. Influencer agencies, creative production, digital marketing, website, mobile, and app development to name a few.

Research and Development

Our proprietary audit will analyze your business to understand how you are currently maximizing your potential. Business development starts fresh at the research and development stage no matter how established your business is.


You need to ensure that the vision you have for your brand is shared amongst the consumers and other business owners. We will position your business as a lifestyle brand to bring you raving fans.